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I heard this analogy once: Being single is like driving a car and being married is like you’re on a train. When you’re single and in a car, you can make U-turns and you can make lefts and rights and do whatever. You’re the one at the steering wheel. But with a train, even though it’s more straightforward and your destinations are laid out, you can pull more weight, you can go faster and go longer distances on less, and that’s what a relationship is. The power of that train. You can’t be as selfish but, man, you can get this big steam of momentum going right to where you really wanna. To be honest, sometimes that analogy sucks and it doesn’t fit, but it has stayed with me.


Pallet was a premium print magazine for people with curious minds and adventurous palates. Or put more simply, those who like to think and drink.

Pallet used beer, subtly, as a conduit to the things we love: interesting conversation, great writing, science, history, photography, music and more. Coupled with eclectic content that stretches beyond beer, Pallet was for anyone who is intellectually curious.

Printed on deluxe stock, perfect bound, and with a minimum of 144 pages, Pallet was made to be saved and savoured. It was created by a small army of contributors, stationed all over the world, and executive editor Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery.

All four back issues of Pallet are now only available digitally, via our friends at Readbug.

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